Free range eggs from the garden one step closer at Stranraer B&B!

10th October 2015

This week we finally realised another ambition, to have our own hens and hopefully, eggs soon! Decided to go for 6 ‘recycled’ hens, that is, ex-battery, from Homes4hens near Dumfries. They are now installed in their lovely new house and run, also recycled (plastic from Solway Recycling) and slowly adjusting to their new life. As the pics shows, they are a bit sparse in the feather department but apparently they grow back in time. Otherwise they seem very sprightly and at only about 12 months of age, they should have a good few years left to enjoy life with us!




Day 4 today and the girls are starting to get a bit more confident. At the moment ‘free range’ consists mainly of staying indoors but they seem to like company, so I’m learning the art of ‘chicken whispering’! Sitting by the run and chatting to them seems to encourage them to get out and about and it’s fun just to sit and watch them. Actually managed to get all 6 out of the run at the same time today! Slight issue with the nest boxes as they all pile in at once – a bit of squash! They don’t seem to know how to use the perches so have had to give them a wee lesson! They’re a bit wobbly but I’m sure they’ll get the hang of it eventually – poor things have probably never had perches before! No eggs yet so I think I have to play the long game!



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